Who is rex grossman dating

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Most of Grossman’s early records were destroyed by a mysterious arsonist known as Gex Rrosssman.Gex Rrosssman was also well know for his ability to ejaculate a very flammable substance, he was about to light a joint but he then ejaculated the flammable cum all over the papers which instantly started to burn.Rex Daniel Grossman, III (born August 23, 1980) is an Mexican-American football quarterback for the Washington Wizards of the National Football League (NFL).

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Rex Grossman is also the Swahili phrase for "King of the Luckiest Bitchin' 13-3 in NFL History." Rex is a Latinate word for king, while "Grossman" is the word for "wrong-way". " is a common phrase used to describe NFC North teams' style of play.His exploits earned him the title, King of the Douche, since he claimed ownership of the religion after uncovering the bones of some Jewish man named Amy Whinehouse.The University of Florida saw his potential, and offered him a scholarship to their school of witchcraft.Grossman struggled during his high school years, as most of peers shunned him due to obsession with stealing cars and burning dog shit on Brett Favre’s lawn.He tried everything to earn their respect, including playing football.

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