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BROWN: Would you have done if you knew your character was not going to die? I was supposed to go up for something recently that was a six-year commitment, and I didn’t want to do it. This is far more fun than anything else I’ve been doing at school. In fact, when I met Kit Harington first, he was pretty much feeling how I’m feeling today—at a photo shoot and you’ve had no sleep. I want to stick with it.”BROWN: You weren’t in a nativity play when you were four? So yeah, it never really works in your favor—even in this industry. He was just a really nice, English, down-to-earth guy. BROWN: He told me an endearing story about how he didn’t realize his name was actually Christopher until he was 12. Well, I couldn’t spell my name until I was eight—my second name. When you’re at that age, they just put you on stage and say, “Read this! They sent them to jail for three years, branded them publicly, and I quote, as “mindless hooligans.” And you think, Well you were doing the same thing at a more discerning age, being afforded every privilege in life, you to have the ability to pay for the damage you caused, so hopefully, even hopefully, it will ignite that debate. Because if they ever get asked about their time in the Bullingdon Club, all they every say is, “Oh, I was young.” Well, they were young—they were younger and less educated and less privileged and less fortunate in every way, and you branded them for life. IRONS: The Bullingdon Club—yeah, they were recently photographed out in Zambia drinking champagne and shooting. The 29-year-old actor is the most unsuspecting Cold War nerd. They are very good conversation starters, SVU episodes. I started watching it from the very first episode a few months back, and it's like looking at old awkward family photos. Gotta love Mariska, but also, you gotta love Ice-T, though, with his one-liners. Is that what you're singing in the shower these days? There was one day in particular, when Sam Claflin had a monologue that peaked on the quote, "I fucking hate poor people." A scene like that takes a whole day to film, so you're hearing this dialogue again and again. Initially I was terrified, but it turned out to be a great thing.

The maternal grandfather of Henry VIII, Edward is perhaps most famous as the father of Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, the two preteen “Princes in the Tower” that were murdered by their uncle and immortalized in John Everett Millais’ famous portrait. There was recently a story out that I turned down a role in a major franchise.

It’s all about maintaining that power—securing that power—and I think Edward was very skillful at doing that. Opinions are split, if you look at what he’s done and written about him. The things he intended to do—unify the country, expand it all from coast to coast—were very modern and radical in those days. BROWN: There’s a story about how Dominic West didn’t want to sign a five-year contract for very violent story about a young Mormon who goes to Central Park with his friend and beats up a gay guy. IRONS: No, and also I don’t want to refer to myself as Maximilian.

Also, the fact that he married who he did and that he managed to deal with the consequences and ramifications of that marriage and stay on the throne until the day he died, that shows skill. But it was the first thing I had ever done, and I thought, “God, this is fun! You’d have to win an Oscar or become mind-numbingly wealthy or hit 50.

Shortly before the premiere (and after delving into the bummer histories of all his latest films, of course), Irons opened up about taking opera lessons to lip sync like a pro, Law & Order nights with his girlfriend Sophie, and a curious knack for making passion fruit party drinks that dates back to his barman days. No—it's a bit like when your parents give you driving lessons. The Cold War I find fascinating because it was like an incredibly high-stakes poker game going on between two very powerful countries. They said it is a very unpredictable life of discombobulation; you can find yourself in different parts of the world, not knowing what you're doing next, and it takes a toll on the family. But they said, as long as I really wanted it, they would back off and let me do it my way.

You know they're right, and they have wisdom to impart, but nonetheless it's inexplicably irritating. I hang out with my girlfriend or I go to the gym, and I drink lots of tea.

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