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(Editor’s Note: This is a telemark tinkerer’s system which resembles the commercially available Telemark Tech System® but only in terms of using a Tech Toe.

Just about everything else is modified within the limits of a zealous but amateur home workshop.

I used the extra telemark mounting holes behind the tech toe mount to locate the hold downs for the heel assembly.

I made the spring assembly hold down (fulcrum) from a polyurethane shim (cutting board) reinforced with aluminum channel and I used a steel pin as the pivot point.

Once the gears were rolling it was only a matter of time before I started to tinker with my own version.

I mounted my first set of tech-toes on Dynafit-telemark shift plates.

I added a riser (more cutting board) to the Dynafit toe to improve clearance between the boot sole and the hold down, and to equalize rocker induced heel rise.

Round 1 My first version of a home-brewed TTS used the expansion cable springs from Voile’s three pin cable binding.

The Axl’s long, stiff springs seemed liked an ideal match for that result.

La serie se desarrollara en la tierra, tiempo después de la lucha terrible contra Majin Buu.

Por órdenes de Milk, Goku trabaja fuertemente todos los días en la agricultura.

I had compromised on the fulcrum position, placing it 65mm from the tech pins to prevent maxing out the cartridges too quickly.

Given longer cartridges with more spring travel, I think the fulcrum could be moved rearward an additional 5-10mm to increase activity.

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