The introverts guide to dating

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When on a date, I stayed away from the topics of weather (unless it affected the date), politics (unless I decided I wanted the date to end early), and sports (unless my date showed up wearing a jersey).I usually had snappy patter prepared about music, entertainment news, and puppies. An introvert friend of mine, however, became very good at dancing and met his first (and second) wife dancing in a certain style.Too many things can go wrong when you’re eating food on a first date.You can spill something on an inconvenient location.You can get food stuck in your teeth and not know about it. Bad food might cause stomach problems which lead to embarrassing public situations.You can’t avoid food on most first dates, but you can be careful about the food you choose.Today, wearing a superhero t-shirt is socially acceptable, but it wasn’t 25 years ago.

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For extroverts, however, having to sit still for prolonged time periods, especially without talking, is very tedious or even infuriating.Despite these disadvantages, I eventually I learned to thrive in the harsh world of dating.25 years ago when I was dating, it was easy for me to tell if I was a good dater or not.From what I had heard, a good date usually ended a certain way, and none of my dates were ending the way I had heard they should.I knew I was getting better at dating when more of the dates started ending right.

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