Texas white women dating

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Elizabeth moved in with her sister Rosemary, who was then living with Javier Limon and their three young children. They grew closer and, with Elizabeth beginning to realize she was attracted to women, eventually started dating.

Elizabeth knew that being a lesbian would make her an outsider in her conservative Catholic family.

They worked together at a nursing home, where the residents would constantly tell Gloria what a caring and charming girl she had raised.

Though her attraction to women made her an outsider at home, it led her to new friendships.

At school, coming out wasn’t as big a deal because nobody talked about it. ” She remained close to her siblings, buying her little brother Mark clothes (“If you had two dollars and needed more money,” he said, “she’d give you 20”) and giving her little sister Monica advice (“I couldn’t honestly ask for a more loving, caring sister,” Monica said).

But money was tight, and at various times Elizabeth held jobs at Taco Cabana, Arby’s and H-E-B.

One morning several days later, in September 1994, Elizabeth’s friends Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez met at a park.

She had just gotten home from a shift at Arby’s, where she had recently been promoted to manager. Anna said she no longer cared if anyone saw them as lovers, since they had so little time left.

While working at H-E-B, she got to know Kristie Mayhugh, who was born in Montana and moved to San Antonio at age 3 when her father was transferred to the Randolph Air Force Base.

Kristie’s parents were divorced and her mother, like Elizabeth’s, was uncomfortable with her daughter’s sexual orientation.

They would barbecue at the park on weekends and take trips to a nearby lake.

After she turned 16, Elizabeth began to stay out later, experiment with drugs, date boys and fight with her mother, Gloria.

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