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You guys should post a banner for each others sites! I am one them guys who took a job that required living quite a far away from towns larger than 3000 people. I laughed so hard when I first saw this , but it if you think about it , makes sense. My other half couldn't deal with living so far out so she moved back to the city and a few months later broke it off, so now I am back to looking for like minded women/people. There were expeditions to the reef to fish, night fishing and in week 3–4 the island was flash-flooded by high tides.Also in approximately week 3-4 the cast began weekly canoe trips in pairs to the mainland to collect "supplies" (vegetables and fruit). The second series ran from 18 January to 28 February 2001, and the contestants were this time sent to Tonga.The show's final series began on 23 October 2011 on E4, entitled Shipwrecked: The Island.The first series ran from 9 January to 1 March 2000.The fourth series ran from 8 January to as Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2006.

Contestants are free to leave at any time and can also nominate themselves to change teams at the weekly beach party (generally the only time during the week when the Sharks and Tigers meet).Each island must have a minimum of 5 people at all times - nominations are only allowed if an island has six or more people.Contestants are only allowed two island moves during the series.The show's editors highlighted attempts by the Tigers to persuade a Shark named Jo (whose brother had earlier quit the Shark tribe) to nominate herself to switch at the death (despite their refusal to accept her brother when he had attempted to switch).She decided to stay on Shark Island after saying although she was tempted, she 'could never leave my [her] sharkies'.

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