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A single unit was triggered 41,056 times on the A449 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire - averaging at more than 250 times every week.It has sparked so much fury among motorists that the camera was set alight last year by vandals who set it ablaze using petrol, the Star reports.The report finds that the current rate of Arctic warming is unprecedented in at least the past 2,000 years.And the pace of Arctic sea ice loss experienced in the past few decades has not been seen in at least the past 1,450 years.'If forces are to convince motorists they are about road safety they should be thinking in terms of average speed cameras, as they ensure drivers stick to the limit over a fixed length of road.'With a 27% decline in the number of dedicated roads' police officers from 2010 to 2015 it is perhaps unsurprising that six in 10 drivers feel there are not enough police on the roads to enforce driving laws.'Other locations where cameras caught thousands of motorists include Barrowby Thorns in Lincolnshire where 35,584 where snapped and on the eastbound M62 between J18 and J19 where 29,205 potential fines were issued.It comes after police data revealed that only half of all fixed speed cameras are actually switched on.I still have this flawed argument thrown at me when I write about climate issues.And I would not be surprised if that happens again with this post covering a major federal report about the Arctic released yesterday.

Never mind that a major paper put this idea to rest in 2013.But police said they regularly review which fixed cameras are turned on, meaning drivers should not be complacent.Road safety charity Brake described the figures as concerning and called for all cameras to be switched on, while AA president Edmund King said the high number of inactive cameras was due to pressure on budgets.Miller offered little insight during an earlier press conference for which the UA said only “basketball-related” questions would be answered. It’s about these guys competing, practicing hard every day and looking forward to the challenge ahead.”The statement Miller read Thursday was similar to the written one he issued Tuesday, when he said he was “devastated” to learn about Richardson’s arrest and promised to keep promoting an atmosphere of compliance.The coach did not answer a question about whether he expected any possible sanctions or ineligible players this season.“I’m excited about our season, our team,” Miller responded. Miller, who also declined to answer a question about allegations that multiple UA coaches were associating with the agents alleged to have bribed Richardson, could face NCAA discipline under NCAA Bylaw if UA-related allegations in the federal complaint are proven true.

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