Speed dating events anchorage

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There is a sea state commensurate with the breeze, and the boats within the Newport anchorage are tugging at their moorings.The yachts offshore, following the J class racers, are plunging through the waves trying to keep up on the wind. Read the rest » Extensive N2K data systems, like we use in the FPBs, are costly, and take a substantial programming effort on our part.Read the rest » Returning from Biscayne Bay, Florida a few days ago we were reminded that in this age of electronic navigation, command, control, and monitoring, you still need to maintain a traditional situational awareness.The sink full of marine weeds is a classic example of why this approach is still beneficial.

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Read the rest » The post that follows this introduction is a chapter excerpted from the FPB 70 and 78 Owner’s Manual.

If anyone in the area wants to check her out, say hello, and maybe shoot us a photo, they’ll be sure to wave. Welcome to the USA, Our first visit to Panama was in the same era that the North Koreans first decided they wanted to reunite with their southern neighbors.

In those days, our heads were filled with visions of one English gentleman, Mr.

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Of particular interest was an email from blogger Peter Hayden (MVTanglewood.com).

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