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And while our marriage might be okay right now if I didn't know about Joe's secret, the fact was, I did know — and nothing would be the same again. I weighed 30 pounds more than I had when we got married.And working part-time while caring for our son often left me tired and stressed. He had never spent much time alone with his father, so visiting on overnights felt strange.Mom must have made a mistake, I thought; it just wasn't something my husband would do.True, Joe spent a lot of time on the computer — two to three hours each evening.But when I confided in close friends, some thought I was overreacting. Others said his behavior was normal — all men like looking at naked women.And perhaps the toughest thought that kept coming into my mind: If my parents hadn't discovered his online activities, if I'd never scanned his email, wouldn't our marriage be the same as before, regardless of what Joe was up to? It's not normal, I assured myself, to spend hours on computer-generated porn when your wife is nearby in bed.And, according to her posted itinerary, she would be in our city seeing "clients" the following week. Here I was, digging through my husband's files in an attempt to prove my suspicions wrong, and instead I'd discovered he wasn't just looking at porn, he was actually contacting hookers. "The computer is evil," he said, like a little boy looking to dodge the blame. It was tough to admit they'd been right, but I wanted to see for myself what they had found.

But if he isn't, leave the jerk." I stayed up all night reading Joe's emails — and I descended into the world of a stranger.

Four years earlier, when our marriage had hit a rough spot, we'd tried therapy. On Jamie's sixth birthday, after he left for a weekend with Joe, I called AOL to separate my email address from our joint account.

Joe had sat silently through the sessions, saying he didn't see a problem. When the customer service rep asked me why, I burst into tears.

The sites had names like Sextracker and Sex Hunter, and there were numerous escort services.

The images were disturbing: not the kind of airbrushed photos you might see in I was aghast — and ashamed.

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