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Previously, many vehicles had arrived here through "European delivery" services in which a purchaser would use their car overseas, then have it shipped back home.Now, if anyone -- including military personnel -- wanted to import such vehicles they had to be "Federalized" and, in the case of California, had to also meet a stringent set of state emissions requirements.Gabriele Kotysch, Hagen (selbst schwer sehbehindert) wurde uns vom Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband Hagen zur Seite gestellt und ist mit uns nach Dortmund gefahren um mit geschlossenen Ausgen einige Werke auf ihre Weise zu erforschen und uns noch einen Input zur Formulierung der Texte zu geben.Diese Texte sind dann an unsere Ko-Partner Kris und Ramona Köhler, Wetter, ausgegeben worden, die in ihrem Tonstudio diese Informationen ins mp3-Format übertragen.These new laws would soon become a source of frustration for those Americans who wanted to own and drive something out of the ordinary, specifically, models sold in other parts of the world, but rarely -- if ever -- seen in this country (including many extremely valuable "exotics").Overall, it just couldn't be done -- or at least it couldn't be done cheaply.

Instead, these attractively designed, well-built cars were brought into this country by military personnel returning from U. This unusual set of circumstances was made possible -- albeit briefly -- by two factors, both related to U. Government policy: First, military personnel were allowed to bring home personal goods, including automobiles purchased abroad.

Like the Olympia, the Senator has been a background car in two movies.

“Labor Day” and the upcoming movie “Bleed for this”.

Dann gehen diese Anfang kommender Woche an unseren wunderbaren Unterstützer, Herrn Schwarz von Kulturaufnahme in Erfurt, der damit die Audioguides bestückt.

Er wird persönlich zur Vernissage mit 20 Audio-Geräten aus Erfurt anreisen um diese vor Ort an die blinden Besucher auszugeben.

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