Penalty for backdating charitable contributions

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The entrepreneur or sole proprietor also needs this knowledge; he or she may have brilliant product ideas, but not the slightest idea about financing.

Corporations must file income tax return following the guidelines developed by the IRS.This course covers the computation, reporting, presentation, and disclosures associated with earnings per share. It covers a range of topics for the accounting and reporting of foreign currency transactions as prescribed by ASC 830, Foreign Currency Matters, and ASC 815, Derivatives and Hedging.This course discusses the process of translating financial statements from foreign currency into U. For instance, forward contracts may be entered into for hedging or speculative purposes.This course discusses the accounting, reporting, and disclosures of leases by lessees and lessors.It includes a discussion of sale-leasebacks, subleases, renewals and extensions, terminations, leveraged leases, and other issues.

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