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“In a month, we get a minimum of five cases related to social media obsession.

There are many couples who come for marriage counselling after first meeting online. We do get information from other counsellors and psychiatrists about such cases coming to them,” warns K Ramakrishnan, clinical psychiatrist and director of Mind Care Center, Tiruchy. Ganesh (name changed) has been cheated of `1000 and `500 in Bengaluru as well as in Coimbatore.

In characteristic Roman fashion, Caesar does not refer to these figures by their native names but by the names of the Roman gods with which he equated them, a procedure that greatly complicates the task of identifying his Gaulish deities with their counterparts in the insular literatures.There are numerous dating apps that are popular in India.Apps like Tinder, Truly Madly, Woo, OKCupid, Hinge and Hooked Up, to name a few, are being commonly used.Mercury was regarded as the inventor of all the arts, the patron of travellers and of merchants, and the most powerful god in matters of commerce and gain.After him the Gauls honoured Apollo, who drove away diseases, Mars, who controlled war, Jupiter, who ruled the heavens, and Minerva, who promoted handicrafts.

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