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I did not give you the tendency to be submissive, to need to be a slave. Even if that fact is a surprise to you (and it is to some), it was always latent within you. What *truly* enslaves you is My personal touch working with you, that make your calling a reality. I can take that information to create even MORE potent pitfalls that you will discover are all but impossible to extricate yourself from.

It’s only when I free you (which I do when you run out of money), do you find freedom in poverty. What I imagine is a legion of slaves, all surrendering money and gifts to Me.

I’ve tried a handful of other “Top” rated plugins but PMPro was definitely the easiest to implement. It is truly open source and from what I can tell, endlessly customizable.

I implement a lot of membership systems and so far, this has been the most enjoyable one to use and setup.

My devoted butler spoiled and served Me well this month, spending 8 dollars on long phone calls and ptvs and another 9 on his santa slave duties on Niteflirt! My exposure sissy and I had lots of fun with exposure games, and this sissy spent 5 on this 🙂 My elegant foot lover was very kind and fun this month, to the tune of 0. PIG gets an alert too, for spending 3 this month, a little low for him. He’ll be back Formerly known as money bunny, but now rebranded as “titcunt” this slut spent 5 losing all the slut cash on Lauren!

Princess gigi the virgin was back almost daily spending 2 over the course of the month. My no yes Loser generously spent 5, mostly on tributes this month.

The seaml…I am not a developer, but I found it very easy to set up different membership levels and membership charges. I would recommend this application (plugin) as a perfect solution to website owners building a paid membership clientele.

Paid Memberships Pro has allowed us to build a scalable solution for our subscription site.

We’ve just upgraded to a PMPro Plus account and look forward to all the new content we now have access to.

This time the bitch spent 1 dollars on his Goddess. click puppet was outstanding this month, spending 3 mostly in one session. Almost making “HUGE paypig alert” status was egghead, who spent 5 in his mindless surrender to Me this month! New to My blog is paypistol, who spent 0 in his deflowering! And back for more was cashfuck begger, who spent o since last blog post. And more, in spite of any negative consequences that might result.

Now that the holidays are over, I plan to be back to regular blogging, yay! In fact, I work to make those negative consequences part of the erotic experience!

I do this again and again, your cock getting harder and harder with each hang up, knowing you will have to pay MORE to hear more of My voice. Pig Paycunt, slave brian fell victim to My mind control games a couple times over the past month, spending a grand fucking total of ,250 Holy shit!

paycub was back again, and was happy, because I missed My little balless wonder of fluff! He spent 6 Next comes the slave formerly known as leg addict that I am renaming as “extreme paypig” The reason I am renaming him is that I am manifesting his destiny, creating My fantasy.

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