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That is why it is necessary to document each and every small detail about steps taken starting from seizure, collection, preservation, analysis with the presentation in court.

Below steps are recommended to follow during collection of mobile device Preservation of evidence is a very crucial step in digital forensics.

One could extract data like SMS, contacts, installed applications, GPS data and emails, deleted data.

As per the definition of the carrier in 2006, Digital Evidence is data that supports or refutes a hypothesis about digital events.

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Due to the exponential growth of the mobile market, Importance of mobile forensics has also increased.

Mobile phones generally belong to a single person so analysis of it could reveal lots of personal information.

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For mobile forensics below steps are good practice to follow All the request/interaction between Client and Service happens through Proxy on Client side and Stub on Service Side.

Thus, it is necessary that Investigators are aware of all the techniques and method used for extracting data from Android Device.

Mobile forensics is a field of digital forensics which is focused towards mobile devices which are growing very fast.

This is especially helpful when working with devices running on older versions of Android. Rooting Android Phone – Rooting is the process of letting the users of Android phones gain the highest privilege i.e. Rooting is needed to understand the internals of the device.

It also helps to overcome the certain limitations and barrier in the investigation.

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