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The Interdiction Unit conducts both inter-city and highway interdiction of vehicles and persons responsible for transporting illegal narcotics or U. There are currently three (3) dual purpose Police Service Dogs.At present all of the unit’s dogs are male, German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois.He said that he is 'sorry it happened and that she was injured'.Officers are seen helping Collins up after the attack The attack occurred while Schmidt and Gabe were searching for two males suspected of a home burglary.

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One of the officers grabs the victim's hand and tells her that 'you're fine' as the other officer shouts commands at the dog. ' the woman screams as the dog pulls on her arm once more before one of the officers pulls him off of her.A woman, who was attacked by a Minnesota cop's K9 as she was taking out her trash in September, filed a lawsuit against the officer on Wednesday.St Paul police officer Thaddeus P Schmidt was walking with his K9, Gabe on September 23, when the dog viciously latched on to Desiree Collins' right arm, according to the Star Tribune.Each handler and dog must successfully complete an 8-10 week training course and are certified by the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training as well as nationally certified by the National Police Canine Association to ensure that each team meets the standards of performance.In addition to the traditional police functions provided by the Canine Officers they are also available for, school programs, social / civic functions and public demonstrations.

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