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Instead of swiping your card through a card reader at the cashier (so it can read the data on the card’s magnetic stripe), you now insert it until the transaction is complete. had been behind most other nations in card-payment technology.

Some cards will require you to spend ,000 before you get a particular benefit. Hidden Caps: While the cash back on many cards sounds great, there is often a cap on how much you can spend and still get the same cash back award.Something else that will determine whether you qualify for a particular credit card is your credit score.While cards are available to consumers with poor, good, fair and excellent credit, the best rewards-card deals, it's worth noting, are reserved for those with credit scores of 740 and higher.With cards issued by airlines, you might need to use up to 50,000 points to get an unrestricted flight on the dates you want to travel. An annual fee may be charged when the card offers rewards, such as frequent flyer miles, hotel points or even cash back. Some airline cards that charge annual fees provide other benefits such as priority boarding.Waived Annual Fees Many credit card issuers waive the annual fee in the first year. And several premium travel cards from banks and airlines offer additional benefits, such as travel insurance, trip-delay coverage, rental-car insurance, and occasionally no foreign transaction fees.

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